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New Titanium Module: Sincerely

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I’ve just published a new iOS Titanium Module on the Appcelerator’s Marketplace: Sincerely for 9.99 USD. It integrates with the Sincerely SDK and allows you to send greeting cards to the people you care about most.

The Sincerely Ship Library for iOS makes adding photo printing and postcard functionality to your app as easy as including a library. Sincerely will handle printing, delivery, billing and customer support. Your users will get a physical product they’ll love & you’ll extend your brand and monetize your app.

Titanium With Coffeescript and Backbone.js

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I’ve been doing a lot of Titanium Mobile development lately. In my quest of getting more efficient doing it, I think I finally found a sweet spot that allows me to concentrate on implementing features, and not fight with Titanium and CommonJS modules.

This is part 1 of this post. I will cover how I use CoffeeScript with Titanium and automate stuff. On part 2 I will talk about how Backbone.js was the best thing I could add to my Titanium project… yet :)

New Blog Layout and Hire Me Section

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This week I’ve introduced a new static blog engine based on the awesome Octopress blogging framework. I really love the simplicity, the readability and the mobile support of the default template.

OTOH, you may be noticing there is a new section on the top of this blog called Hire me. Since sometimes I have free time on my freelance work, I created that central point where potential clients could contact me and see my status.

Since for now there isn’t any type of notification system, please bookmark that page if you’re interested on working with me.

Dropbox SDK Module for Titanium Mobile (iOS)

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Today marks the first day I’m selling a piece of software on the internet.

This is the full Dropbox SDK module for Titanium Mobile applications. This is ONLY FOR iOS DEVICES (iPhone/iPad). It implements the full Dropbox SDK API in a clean JavaScript way.

Included with the file there is documentation and two different Titanium applications where the API is exercised. One of them is a clone of DBRoulete found on the Dropbox SDK, but implemented on top of Titanium Mobile.

I’m using this module in production on two iOS applications, so the module will be maintained.

Vim + Rails + Ctags = Power Navigation (Screencast)

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The lack of a proper (read: simple, fast, non-java) IDE for Ruby and Rails projects is something I still miss when using Vim. Specially when I need to work on a legacy project, I would love to have a better way of navigating through the methods and classes.

Recently I found an old but very efficient way of doing that using vim and ctags. The following is a simple screencast where I show how to use ctags to solve that type of problems.

Vim + ctags demo from Ruben Fonseca on Vimeo.