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AWS Lambda Functions in Go

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Update 1: Thanks @miksago for the much more robust node.js wrapper. I guess you can now see the reason why I wanted to avoid node :-)

I’m a big fan of AWS, and every year I get super excited about a new technology/service they release. Last year, I spent too much time marvelling about the simplicity and beauty of AWS Kinesis. And in the meantime, I’ve been applying the same principle on a smaller project I’m working on.

But this year I was stoked about AWS Lambda. AWS Lambda is a “compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources for you, making it easy to build applications that respond quickly to new information”. This is a perfect match for the event-driven and micro services way of thinking that I’ve been learning to love more and more.

But after skimming through the documentation, I’ve realised that the only supported runtime is Javascript (via Node.JS). I’m sure they will expand this support in the future, but I wanted to use it right now. Since in the meantime I’ve also been experimenting with Go lang, I wanted to find a way to run Go code on AWS Lambda right now.

Dropbox Sync for Titanium Mobile iOS

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I’me very happy to release today a brand new module for Titanium Mobile on the Marketplace:

Dropbox Sync for iOS

I can’t count how many people requested this module. It seems that syncing files between devices is very common problem that people want to solve. When I saw the Dropbox Sync had come out with a new SDK for doing that, I decided to start working on it.

The module allows you to have your own private Dropbox inside your iOS application. The Sync module takes care of syncing all your data with Dropbox through a familiar, file system-like interface. It’s like giving your app its own, private Dropbox client.

The Sync module handles all the caching, retrying, and file change notifications. Writes are local so changes are immediate. The Sync API syncs to Dropbox behind the scenes. The Sync module lets your app work great even when offline and automatically syncs when it’s back online.

The module starts with a free 15 days trial . If you’re still undecided to try it, look at what the people are saying about my other modules :)

Urban Airship and iOS6 Social Framework

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Today I’ve two new awesome Titanium modules into the Marketplace:

Urban Airship

There’s already an Urban Airship module on the Marketplace. However, I client got in contact with me because it was not happy with the existing module. It mainly lacked usefull features like Location management, In-App-Purchases and Subscriptions!

The new module is available here. It’s also my first monthly subscription module.

iOS6 Social Framework

After the success of my iOS5 Twitter module, I’ve released the new Social.framework module for iOS6 or later devices! You can now directly post to Twitter, Facebook and Sina Weibo. Also, you can integrate with their APIs and not worry about signing requests and parsing responses.

The new module is available here

If you like the new modules, please don’t forget to rate them :)

Suggest My Next Titanium Mobile Module

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Today I’m opening a UserVoice account so you can suggest and vote for my next Titanium Mobile module. Right now I have a couple of ideas, but I’ll let you decide :)

You will find the forum here. Thank you for participating!