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Hire Me

I spent most of my time doing remote freelance. I’m interested in the following technologies/areas:

Current status

Unfortunately, I’m not available for freelance work right now. Can you please check back later?


Some notes and conditions about my freelance work:

  • Prepayment: I require 40% upfront payment before I start to work on a project. I have a great track record of work and sufficient public activity to back my skills, so don’t even bother to contact me if you want anything else.

  • Practices: You cultivate and enforce good practices, including version control and testing. You also don’t spend precious time on pointless meetings and overhead time.

  • Time: … is money! My time is very valuable to me. One billed hour of my work is really one hour of pure hardcore work. I usually only bill 4 to 5 hours of those a day, so you can count me to get things done.


If you are interested, or just want to talk about anything related to work, please feel free to contact me using the addresses bellow. I pretty much prefer to be contacted by email:

  • Email: fonseka at gmail dot com
  • Twitter: rubenfonseca