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Twitterrsslinks Version 2

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Today I’m announcing version 2 of twittersslinks.

TwitterRSSLinks is a Twitter (OAuth) service that filter all your timeline tweets that contain HTTP links, so you can aggregate and watch them later and so on. The website outputs the tweets in a variety of formats including JSON, RSS and ATOM.

Version 1 was shutdown because I had no plan for monetizing the service, and at the time, there was a good alternative. Now the alternative is dead and Twitter UserStreams is in Beta.

There’s a good excuse to learn node.js. :)

Without further ado, here’s version 2 architecture (sorry for the quality, I am definitly not a drawing guy…):

The site is completely free, and now beneficts from the real-time user-stream feeds. Also, I’m using pusherapp for the first time, just in case you are on the browser and a new tweet arrives :)

The live website runs on a EC2 Micro instance, and I will definitly open the source in the near future. Happy tweets :)