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Cheap Calls to Any Portuguese Mobile Network

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Are you tired of calling your friends and family at prices from the last century? Do you feel frustrated every time you have to top-up the credit of your mobile phone, just because you are obliged to? Do you hate the obvious portuguese cartel around mobile operators?

Well, fell no more! Enter the VoIP world!

Betamax created lots of providers specialized in VoIP. Although almost all of them offer free calls to Portuguese landline numbers, I never realized how competitive they were on the mobile side.

So I dig a little, and found some pretty competitive Betamax VoIP providers:

  • – 4.5 cent/min
  • – 5.0 cent/min
  • – 6.0 cent/min

The best thing about these providers is

  • No required monthly payment
  • You can use your own phone number as Caller ID (so people still answer your calls).
  • They all support the SIP protocol (great for non-windows users like me)
  • Same price for all the mobile operators (so you can jump the wall garden)

I hope that this information helps you lowering your phone bill. Spread the word, and maybe your mobile operator starts lowering the prices too!