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Phusion Passenger (Mod_rails)

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Ever since the beginning, Phusion Passenger (aka, mod_rails) impressed me. I still can’t believe how such a small team managed to build a simple solution to this complex problem that is Ruby on Rails deployment.

I’ve heard in the past about the Passenger benefits. When I first tried it, the only thing I kept thinking was “this is exactly like PHP! this is exactly like PHP!”…

Moreover, using Passenger and Apache, you can get much better resource management, since it starts and stops instances based on the load of the website.

I think enough time has passed since the public release of Passenger. Since I’m still running this Rails blog on a Via C3 @ 533Mhz, I decided to replace my previous setup (lighttpd proxying to a mongrel instance, monitored by monit) to a new Apache2 + Passenger.