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Next week I will fly to Copenhagen, Denmark to participate at the YAPC::EU::2008. This year’s conference theme is Beautiful Perl. Although I think Perl can be used to make beautiful things, I never thought Perl code is or can be beautiful, even when I did Perl on a daily basis.

Being at 2 YAPC conferences (Braga and Birmingham), I quickly realized how great the Perl community is, and even though I don’t find Perl interesting anymore, I always look forward to meet great people and great minds at YAPCs.

I also took the opportunity to submit a talk that eventually got accepted. So on Thursday, 14th, I’ll be talking about Makefile::Parallel again. I hope that the talk can ignite some interesting discussions, and to gather some ideas about possible directions of the module.

It will be my first time too in Copenhagen and Denmark, so I’m really looking forward to know the city! If you are reading this and will attend to YAPC, get in touch with me and maybe I’ll buy you a beer :-) (I’m root (at) cpan)