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Finally My Own Blog Engine!

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As you may see now, I finally rolled out my very own blog engine! You may have noticed that I was very silent on the last weeks on my blog, but I was spending almost all my free time on this project!

Some things have changed. This was my first time doing my own web design, and as you can see, i really suck at it :-) Yah not proud…

On the technical part, this blog is built with the newest Rails 2 engine, following the RESTful philosophy. With this I could give you more ways to access my blog data. For instance, you can already see that you can access the list of posts in RSS, ATOM, XML and JSON format :-)

I also use Ferret to index the blog content, so you can make lightning fast searches on my blog. Fragment caching is all around this blog, because I still plan to keep it running on my Via C3 533Mhz fanless server :)

I spent most of my time on this project writing tests and internal documentation; I want to maintain this on the future. The data migration from the old blog was a good challenge too, and there are still some encoding errors on old posts. On the comments section, I use Gravatar for automatic generation of avatars. To prevent spamming I use reCAPTCHA.

There is still a lot TODO on this blog. Although trackbacks are already fully implemented, pingbacks only have initial support. Anyway, I thought that the system was already at a decent stage to go to production!

Your comments are more than welcome! And if you do web design, I could use your help too (I really don’t know how this site behaves on IE). Enjoy!

And now, something for you to smile