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Fedora Core Linux? Still the Same

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A long time ago I stopped using Fedora Core Linux. Although it was a rock solid distribution, I missed the “there is a package for everything” that Debian based distributions offered me.

This week I am working with a buddy that installed the latest Fedora Core 8 on his laptop. Three days have passed and he is still compiling packages manually :-) So it seems that nothing as changed. Any contrary opinion?

For instance, AFAIK Fedora has the biggest pre-packaged Perl CPAN module tree. However, I still have to install Catalyst and DBIx::Class manually (yes, Debian based distros do it right!). Ruby-DBI is still a PITA to install on Fedora, but it’s naturally available on Debian based distros, including the patch for SQLite3 support!

Oh and BTW, 64 bits Desktops still sucks…