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DNS Problems Solved

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As you probably might felt, my domain was having serious DNS problems for the past week or so. In spite of the problems, I manage to get a large number of visits on a rant post with a smart title “Apple Hardware Sucks” :-)

For a while I was using the free zoneedit service. It worked for a year or so, and I recommended it to all my friends! However, one week ago, the slave NS stoped updating from the master NS. This resulted in all kind of problems when using this domain. I contacted the zoneedit admins and they were quick to anwser, saying that they were aware of the problem and their sysadmins were working on it.

3 days passed and the problem persisted. I contacted them again and they told that the sysadmins still didn’t found what is causing the problem. What the *? I quit!

Since I’m using ddclient to update my dynamic IPs, I searched the docs and the first protocol supported was dnspark. Registered, moved my NS, updated the scripts, back online :-)

Bye bye zoneedit, you served me well.