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Intermediate Object Oriented Perl - Day 1

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Here I am reporting from the end of day 1 of Intermediate Object Oriented Perl formation. What I have to say? Damian Conway is just a wonderful person, and a really really good speaker.

I just loved the way that he introduced and explained object orientation in Perl. And it is a great value to ear Damian because he has a really understanding of Perl internals, so he can complement his theoretical explanation with technological details. Usually on formations like this, I tend to get a little asleep after lunch, but altough Damian was talking of things that I already know, it was a pleasure to ear him.

Lots of good jokes and an attention to different cultures make Damian’s presentations a “must ear”.

But the day is not over yet. Tonight Damian is going to have a free talk with the title Quantum::Superpositions where a Perl hacker is going to talk about quantum mechanics. I invited some friends, so we hope to have a great time together.

So here I am reporting from the nearest McDonalds :)