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Pam_mount + LUKS + Dm_crypt = €

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If you know me, I use LUKS for a long time. But there was always one thing that kept annoying me: it was not cool, every time I rebooted my computer, to go the the console and manually mount my encrypted hard drives.

I discovered today that there was already a solution: pam-mount. It is a nice PAM module that allows one to have automatically mounted the encrypted devices as soon as you enter your username/password do access your system.

I installed it on Ubuntu (apt-get install libpam-mount) and did a little bit of hacking on /etc/pam.d/common-session and /etc/security/pammount. What impressed me the most is that it worked like a charm on my first attempt! Now I can boot on my computer and GDM, and just put my username and password to access my box!

Of course you need an excellent user password because your hard-drive security depends on his strength.