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New CPAN Modules

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Well, I was bored… And when I’m bored I program in Perl :)

So I wrote two simple utilities for me, and published them to CPAN.

  • Net::SMS::Perl (link)

This module makes it easy to send messages throught the portuguese Optimus mobile operator. You simply pass you username and password, 1 to 3 destiny numbers and your message. The module does all the magic, simulating a user sending the SMS through a browser behind the scenes.

I’m planning to refactoring all the code, make it OO, and then make small GUI plugins for using it (example: GNOME applet, standalone app, firefox plugin, etc…)

I’m planning too writing a similar module for all the other portuguese mobile operators (tmn and vodafone).

  • ACME::SDUM::Renew (link)

This module is a small hack to renew all by books from my main university library. Like the previous module, it accepts a username, a password and an email. It then tries to simulate a real user renewing the subscription of his books, and at the end a report is sent to the specified email.

Now I have a cron job than uses this module to renew all my books everyday at 4AM O:-)

Bigger plans include refactoring to OO and utility GUI modules.

Stay tunned!