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Graph Visualization in Java

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I spent most of this week studying various open source graph visualization frameworks to use on the WebAppViewer PCVIA Project.

At the beginning I thought that my best option was JGraph . However, I’ve soon realized that JGraph is a commercial product, and this could create problems during the integration with WebAppViewer.

Then I launched Google :) The next items are just some things I found:

  • Jung Java Universal Network/Graph Framework

OpenSource, great, clean, pretty graphics, but more oriented to graph algorithms than visualization.

  • GEF Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework

Opensource, integrates directly with SWT (great!), but doesn’t run outside eclipse :( What a shame…

  • Prefuse information visualization toolkit

Opensource, the best visualization framework I’ve seen, cinematic effects, easy to extend, bad docs

In the end I don’t know what to choose. I will try to code on some of this frameworks and make a final decision next week. If you can send me some tip about this, you’re welcome :)