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FRAK #0.0

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Finally, it’s out! During SHiFT08, me and Hugo Reis decided to get into the bandwagon, and create our own show called FRAK!

Being a big fan of Internet TV (consuming almost 5Gb of Revision 3 per week), I fell in love with this kind of indie production. And with this “new media” thing, it’s very easy to offer useful content to a huge geek crowd, even with a small budget.

So episode 0 is an experiment. We just present the show, talk about our objectives, and scratch the surface on some geek tech stories.

Sorry English readers, all the content of the FRAK Show will be in Portuguese only.

We decided to leak episode 0 to get some feedback about our potential viewers, and to see if it would be worth to shoot the next real episode. So far, we received a lot of thumbs up (apart from some minor corrections :)), which made us very excited to take the next step on the show. t There are a lot of stuff on our TODO list, including getting a generic, work on technical problems with editing, a website/blog, RSS/iTunes/Miro feeds, and some support for viewer’s feedback. For now, just keep watching my blog or follow me on twitter.

In the meantime, I would really like to thank Pedro Aniceto for allowing us to use the awesome TBStore auditorium, the guys from for the support and logistical help, and Nuno Loureiro for the hard video editing work.