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Apple Hardware SUCKS (Part 1 of N)

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As you probably know, I am working at a Macbook right now. Unfortunately, using a 13.3’’ display kills my (beautiful) eyes!! So I thought on bringing a 22’’ wide TFT to my work place.

On a normal laptop, I would just connect the VGA display directly or via a DVIVGA adapter (there are tons of them, and cheap!), if the laptop has a standard DVI socket.

But Apple insisted that they should innovate!! They put a Mini-DVI socket on the Macbook! Mini what?? Who the hell uses that? To make things better, Apple does not give you any adapter on your new macbook!!! Basically, I buy a laptop with a useless external display socket.

But fear not! Apple sells the adapter as a separate item!!! So I went to an official Apple seller, and bought a bright new and shiny Mini-DVI to DVI adapter from Apple! TWENTY TWO F* EUROS!!!

Now the best part. After I got home, pissed off, I brought a simple and common DVIVGA adapter, and GUEST WHAT, *THEY DO NOT CONNECT TO EACH OTHER!!!! Since you probably won’t believe me, I decided to take some pictures and post them here.

On the first picture you can see the bloody Apple adapter. On the second picture you can see a very standard DVI > VGA adapter. Notice the little “-” on the left and the four pins around them? Where do they fit on the Apple adapter??


And now, the coolest thing.. I took a picture of the package where the adapter came from. Just see the diagram, compare with the picture above, and just LAUGH! That explains a lot about Apple hardware designers…


Don’t be surprised if you hear about a bomb on an Apple store O:-)